Formula Medicine

When Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, in 1989, began his adventure in F1 as medical doctor, he was surprised, and disappointed, because of the lacking attention given by the team towards the driver, intended as an athlete. In that moment, the idea of Formula Medicine arouse: a structure created to finally bring medical – athletic culture in motorsport, providing an experienced specialist in every area and thus exceeding the figure of the “spin doctors”, hitherto undisputed leader in the paddock. Today Formula Medicine is in fact made up by a team of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, athletic trainers and nutritionists, all experts of motorsport, able to provide a full service, both in the large headquarter of Viareggio and at the races. To achieve its ambitious project, Formula Medicine was the first and only facility to annually invest important economic and human resources in prestigious scientific research that led to design and create a unique and innovative mental training, “Mental Training Economy”, a methodology successfully tested in the field of motorsport and that has been recently adopted also by other sports. With this philosophy Formula Medicine has become a world leader in motorsport, as proven by the numbers of its CV, which includes more than 900 drivers assisted from 45 countries of all 5 continents and over 75 F1 drivers besides 15 teams of the highest category including Ferrari, Toyota, Renault, BMW, Red Bull, Mercedes and Lotus.